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In a period of empty cities, skeletons of industry that once transported, held, and supported people became empty, their statuesque properties became easily recognizable. "Cathedral of Labor" is a transdisciplinary concentration that has been in development for the past three years and is based upon the ideas of decontextualizing industrial forms and processes, and introducing them into a fine art context. This is done by utilizing the same processes in civil engineering and contracting, including laying tile, pouring concrete, steel fabrication, and using materials such as lashing straps, plastic sheeting, chalk lines, enamel, and ground marking paint, etc. This introduces an examination of utilitarian form outside the confines of a previous functional purpose, and these everyday objects and performances can be elevated to a point of worship and contemplation. Through my work, I raise the viewer's perception of their surroundings in a way that introduces small details of contemporary metropolitan living that can be isolated and questioned daily. This constant attentiveness allows people to observe their surroundings with an artistic eye and broaden their definition of "art".

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