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Brennan Wojtyla is a transdisciplinary artist whose work explores the concepts of context and industry in an artistic setting. Growing up in an industrial city gave him the ability to observe his surroundings and dissect the environment in which he was raised. By utilizing found materials, aerosol paint, performance, and concept-driven works, Wojtyla introduces questions about defining art and blurring the lines of what can hold artistic merit. Through his practice, he encourages the viewer to perceive these forms outside of their previous, purely functional life. Wojtyla's current body of work titled, "Cathedral of Labor" is elevating these everyday found forms and practices into a realm of worship and contemplation, bringing focus to these objects, actions, and marks that constantly surround us in the contemporary urban environment.

If you wish to inquire about purchasing a piece, work on a creative assignment of any kind, or have any press-related questions, please send me an email at:

Thank you.

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